Koala update

NSW NPWS completed their Koala survey in Coolah Tops National Park in May and according to news reports found 42 individuals.   These were found via “new” methods such as sniffer dogs  and thermal drones, allowing more of the park to be surveyed in the limited time they had available.   They have sent numerous scat samples for testing so that they can ascertain the health of the koala population found.  The Environment Minister has suggested that “It might be a place, if koalas are thriving, that there is an opportunity to do relocations from other areas that are problematic.”

NSW NPWS said “Sadly, koala populations in the Liverpool Plains near Gunnedah have dramatically declined due to land clearing, habitat fragmentation, drought and koala chlamydia, which causes female infertility.  This new discovery at high elevation habitat in northern inland NSW will better inform how we care for these little Aussie icons into the future.”

This is great news for Coolah Tops National Park and locals were very pleased to hear of the koala population!  Next time you visit the park, remember to look up – you might just see a koala <3

If you’re on FB check out some footage from NSW NPWS here: https://fb.watch/lieiAwGWZi/

Koalas in the Coolah Tops National Park

Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) Creator: Lucy Morrell Copyright: NSW Government

Over the last decade or two there have been a few unregistered sightings of koalas in the Coolah Tops National Park, but a very recent sighting was fortunately reported to NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service – and much excitement has ensued!

This sighting indicates that a koala population is likely in the area and NSW NPWS intends to carry out some surveys in the Park and on adjacent landowner’s properties to ascertain the spread and numbers.   The community may be able to assist NPWS – we will share more information as it comes to hand.

For the moment, the NPWS Koala Project Team is in preparation mode.

So, if you are at The Tops, don’t forget to look up!

If you see a koala at The Tops, do report the sighting to NPWS – phone their local office on 6825 4364 .   If you have your phone with you, get a GPS location of where the sighting was to assist the NPWS find the koala again.  Also of use would be to note down what the koala was doing eg. sleeping, feeding, moving etc., and if you have a whizz-bang camera, a photo would be great too!

Looking forward to more sightings ❤

Coolaburragundy Riverwalk

A must for the visitor (and local!) to Coolah, is to undertake a leisurely ramble along the Coolaburragundy Riverwalk.  This cycle and walkway is situated alongside the Coolaburragundy River and is approximately 500m long, with spectacular views to the east and south.

Encompassing part of the Travelling Stock Route, the local community banded together with Landcare to create a peaceful walkway along the river with planted trees, art installations and seating.   Floods in 2022 did affect the tree plantings and needed repeated cleanups – but it doesn’t flood every year and it is looking wonderful at the moment!

Of note are some tall timber poles along the walkway which are old bridge timbers from bridges around the Coolah Shire and two donated art installations made by David Sherlock, a well known blacksmith and artisan from Coolah.   Some of the trees, tables, seats etc. have been sponsored by local people, either in support of the Riverwalk or in memory of family members.

For more information on the Riverwalk, contact Coolah Landcare.


  • Coolah Burragundy - riverside
  • Coolaburragundy Riverwalk, - old bridge timbers at sunset
  • Coolaburragundy Riverwalk - seating
  • Coolaburragundy Riverwalk
  • Coolah Burragundy Riverwalk - old bridge timbers
  • Coolaburragundy Riverwalk - sign
  • Coolaburragundy River
  • Coolaburragundy Riverwalk - art installation

Photos courtesy : Karen Bird, Jillie Arnott