Artist Emily Simson – Exhibition Pandora Gallery

Pandora Gallery currently has an exhibition of the works of Emily Simson, an artist living near Armidale in NSW but with connections to Coolah.

Emily has selected some unique state (one of a kind) lino prints, mixed media and acrylic on board paintings to hang in the gallery.  A mixture of still life and landscapes, each one is a striking statement and definitely grab your attention!

Emily states “The landscapes in this exhibition started with memories and images of trees in nature reserves or natural remnants found on the roadsides in the New England and North West areas of NSW. I am fascinated by the striking shadows of tree trunks, the glimmering light and the dark contrast speckled through the leaves.

Finding ways to describe these effects in paint, print, drawings and mixed media keeps my creative curiosity alive.

2020 meant less time on the road and more time at home, my attention shifting to the kitchen bench and the subtle play of light on arrangements of nostalgic items. Each with their own little story of acquisition, the objects are comforting and familiar.”

About her methods and technique she says “To paint I use acrylic paints on board or paper building and covering layers as the image develops.   Sometimes when painting landscapes I like to work fast to keep the movement and energy in the image and other times I focus on the details and contrasts of sunlight and shadows.  The prints and mixed media works have a combination of printmaking techniques, Lino cut for repeating images and monotype to capture the spontaneity of drawing.”

We have included a short slideshow below of some of Emily’s work from this exhibition.  If you would like to know more about any of these artworks, please contact


Since the last time exhibiting at the Pandora Gallery, Emily’s work has been shown in Tamworth Armidale and Gunnedah along with collaborations with other artists and organisations. Participating in The Overwintering Project to promote awareness of the habitats of migratory birds, her work was shown in Mandurah WA, Coffs Harbour and Mornington Peninsula Victoria with other Printmakers.

Emily is a member of the Black Gully Printmakers in Armidale, who share printmaking skills and exhibit as a group in various venues. This includes an exhibition held at NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum) a group print show in response to the written word of Judith Wright. Their current collaboration is with the Armidale Folk Museum, members have created artist prints based around historical objects held in the museum.


Book Launch “End of the Line” by Roy Cameron, OAM.

Celebrating the centenary of the Craboon to Coolah Branch Line opening in 1920, this latest offering from Roy Cameron, OAM, is the result of many years of research.

“People had lobbied strenuously for the railway. It was a momentous advancement for our district to enable people to travel to Sydney or wherever they wanted to go. Closer Settlement schemes and Soldier Settlement schemes could only be successful if the produce could be moved quickly and cost effectively to markets.”

All are welcome to the launch on November 28, 2020, at the Driver Reviver, Binnia Street, Coolah at 10.30am.

Please RSVP for the launch, or to reserve your copy of the book by contacting Carol Richard on 6377 4555.

Official Launch Invite Coolah DDG DDD250 STD (B)-1

Anjee du Terreau Online Exhibition Pandora Gallery

We know with the current travel restrictions it can be difficult to go everywhere you would like, so we are bringing our art to you instead!  Sit back with a cuppa and see her beautiful work.

The current major exhibitor in the Pandora Gallery is Anjee du Terreau of Mudgee.  Walking into the gallery you are immediately drawn to her stunningly colourful paintings.   These are landscapes with a difference, some are have a subtle soft focus to them up close, yet standing back further the painting comes into its own and becomes far more detailed, its quite intriguing!   She uses a variety of application techniques and all her works have a wonderful play of light and colour which is a testament to her talent.    The subjects of the paintings are from far and near, some are from our district eg. Warrumbungle Rocks and Burrundulla Blue and some nearby eg. Vineyard Mudgee and Flirtation Hill.

All of these are available to purchase (until sold).  If there is a piece you would like to know more about, someone from the gallery can email or phone you back, provide more information and if you would like to purchase to organise that for you (as well as freight to you).   Enjoy!


  • Dunns Swamp, 50x60cm $520 Anjee du Terreau
  • Waterfall 50x60cm $530 Anjee du Terreau
  • Where Sheep May Safely Graze 50x60cm $500 Anjee du Terreau
  • Badger Ground Woods 61x91cm $660 Anjee du Terreau
  • Copse and River 61x61cm $540 Anjee du Terreau
  • The Lake 61x76cm $560 Anjee du Terreau
  • Towering Above, 40x50cm, $495 Anjee du Terreau
  • Anjee du Terreau
    Low Tide 61x76cm $550 Anjee du Terreau
  • Shoal Bay, Port Stephens, 45x45cm $490 Anjee du Terreau
  • Roly Poly Hills 61x76cm $585 Anjee du Terreau
  • On the Moove, 61x76cm $560 Anjee du Terreau
  • Warrumbungle Rocks 61x61cm $580 Anjee du Terreau
  • Twixt Heaven and Earth, 50x76cm $560 Anjee du Terreau
  • Anjee du Terreau
    Burrundulla Blue 50x60cm $540 Anjee du Terreau
  • The Reeds, 45x45cm $450 Anjee du Terreau
  • Flirtation Hill 30x40cm $380 Anjee du Terreau
  • Karuah River, Port Stephens 51x60cm, $540 Anjee du Terreau
  • Anjee du Terreau
    Wide Brown Land 75x100cm $795 Anjee du Terreau
  • Cloud and Ploughed 60x60cm $530 Anjee du Terreau
  • Anjee Du Terreau
    Just Good Fronds 61x61cm $520 Anjee du Terreau
  • The Creek, 40x50cm $450 Anjee du Terreau
  • Anjee Du Terreau
    La Foret 50x60cm Anjee du Terreau $510
  • Vineyard, Mudgee 46x61cm $550 Anjee du Terreau
  • Seagrass 45x45cm $450 Anjee du Terreau
  • Blue Dusk 51x61cm $510 Anjee du Terreau
  • Rolling Hills 61x61cm $550 Anjee du Terreau
  • Breakfast Creek Road 61x91cm $680 Anjee du Terreau
  • Golden Lilypond 61x61cm $520 Anjee du Terreau
  • Nuage et Vague 46x46cm $440 Anjee du Terreau
  • Flanc de Coteau 50x75cm $560 Anjee du Terreau
  • Blue and Gold 40x50cm $450 Anjee du Terreau
  • Branching Out 75x100cm $795 Anjee du Terreau
  • Tracks 61x76cm $560 Anjee du Terreau
  • Hattah Lakes 51x60cm $510 Anjee du Terreau
  • Rockscape, 40x50cm $410 Anjee du Terreau
  • Sandstone Splendour 45x45cm $450 Anjee du Terreau
  • Red Bank 60x90cm $595 Anjee du Terreau